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Nature of Business

Trading and Manufacturing of Human and Veterinary Medicines, Herbal Supplements, Organic Fertilizers, consultancy on health of Livestock and Organic Farming.

Product and Services


Veterinary Medicines

e-Setu by GoGramin is a unit of Phoenix Life Science Pvt. Ltd. which is a leading company in manufacturing and trading veterinary products, since 11 years. The products ranging from all categories.


Human Medicine and Health Supplements

GoGramin is committed to the health of every citizen. Today no pathy is complete, e-Setu by GoGramin will take you back to basics and ayurveda derived & inspired medicines for you and your family. To add more value to preventive medicine, e-Setu by GoGramin will focus on prevention first by providing door step solutions for Detox, Nutrition, Prevention, Management and Skin Care products.


Soil Testing

Unlike our health it's important to keep a regular check of our mother Earth, we all are a part of this nature and over the period, our mother earth has been given enormous synthetic drugs for more yield. Now time has come that we are not realizing that our planet is on the brink, thus the need of the hour is to conserve our earth & its resources to protect them from further degeneration and bring back to natural by. GoGramin is committed for organic and natural farming and we will come to your door step to check your farms health and will give support to use natural products for better yield.


Organic Fertilizer

Once we know the condition through soil testing, e-Setu by GoGramin will provide India's first clinically researched and tested 100% pure natural in gredient based organic fertilizers for better and maximum yield of crops.


Contract Organic Farming

By going one step further, e-Setu by GoGramin invites farmers, young entrepreneurs and investors to take a pledge for organic and natural products. e-Setu by GoGramin is willing to become your partner and convert organic farming in a huge profitable business.


Organic Vegetations

e-Setu by GoGramin is developing a niche market of farm fresh organic vegetables and fruits at door step of people living in urban area, and at the same time it will encourage kitchen garden for better understanding and knowledge of farming for urban people as well as to bring urban life closer to rural life.


e-Setu Health Card

Technology plays an important role in our life. To provide hassle-free medical service, medicine, fertilizers, know how of organic farming at door step of farmers, e-Setu by GoGramin will provide app-based services which will become the interface between Farmers, Veterinary Doctors, Health workers, Livestock, Organic contract farming and Organic products. It will create a revolution by digital support & services in rural India. This health card will also work as a database statistics of Human, Livestock and Soil health.



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