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fulfill the Potash & Polphur requirements to the crops.



Polphur is specially designed to fulfill the Potash & Sulphur requirements to the crops. It helps the plants to reach rapidly in maturity stage and develops a good disease resistance.

Benefits :

  • It promotes the crop to enter into reproductive stage.
  • It regulates the maximum filling of the grain / Cob in the plants.
  • It boost up the power of chemical fungicides and increases the control period.

Dosage :

  •  2-3 ml per ltr. of water.

Note :
Time of Application : At the time of flowering / fruiting / painicle / oil formation / tuber formation.

1 review for Polphur

  1. Shashi Shekhar Upadhyay

    Essential for Oil , Aroma, cereals & bulb crops. Promotes size, taste & weight of the produce.

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