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The most important channel partner of e-Setu brand is e-Setu Mitra. They are the real roots of the company and are an integral part of the company work as exclusive retailer. The true friend of farmers and their family which also include livestock. They are the first touch point, a friend, a counsellor, a health worker, and an advisor, in fact he/she is the person from the community of his / her territory. The growth of e-Setu Mitra is the growth of the company.

Any person who has a dream to excel and serve the community / society / farmers / livestock /farming can become a e-Setu Mitra.

No Investment, only security cheque of Rs. 25000/- .

No, they do not need Drug License, GST, office, shop etc.

e-Setu Mitra will work on Panchayat level, covering 10-20 villages.

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    1365/34, Sheetal Nagar Opp.-2 Water Works, Jhajjar Road, Rohtak, Haryana-124001

    1800-313-5779, 01262-265300


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